Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) Survey

KACN and Partners Support Initiatives to Expand Broadband Internet Access Throughout Alaska

In the Internet Age, the ability to research, investigate and communicate has a direct effect on one’s ability to learn, work, compete, communicate, organize, and prosper.

Unfortunately, there is a huge disparity in Alaskan’s ability access to information and opportunity through the Internet. Recent studies claim 77% of Alaskan enjoy broadband (high-speed) Internet access. What isn’t mentioned is how entire communities in Alaska still have no Internet access, or access with speeds as much as 1,000 times slower than what is typically enjoyed in urban environments like Anchorage. This greatly impedes these rural Alaskan’s opportunities

You can help us bridge this gap in Alaska by taking five minutes to participate in the 2011 . Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) Survey on Alaska Internet Access.

Click on the following ling to take this Survey on Alaska Internet Access:
This survey is sponsored by the University of Alaska Sustainable Broadband Adoption project. Together with over 30 partner organizations and agencies, we are interested in learning more about your experience in connecting to and using the Internet.The information you provide will be combined with responses from others in your community and region to create a picture of broadband Internet access and use across Alaska. All of the responses you provide are anonymous and cannot be used to identify you personally.Thank you for your sincere interest in improving access to broadband technology in Alaska. We appreciate your time to complete the survey!…

Media Literacy for Mobilization – National Conference for Media Reform, Boston, April 10 2011

Soon to air on KACN Television!

Media literacy extends beyond understanding how to use social media, cell phones, computers, Internet and media production. It includes the ability to create and utilize digital media to participate in civic life, and to have a solid understanding of the media policy issues that profoundly shape our lives and communities. It also requires us to rethink how we analyze, access and evaluate all forms of media, including the Internet, that provide us with information and entertainment and inundate us with new advertising and marketing strategies.

This session was filmed by Katy Parrish, General Manager, KACN Television, at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston on April 10, provides the hands-on tools and resources needed for community members and media justice educators who want to integrate cell phone literacy, mobile broadband policy, Universal Service reforms, an open Internet and other media policy issues into a learning environment through teaching modules, multimedia and interactive workshops. The presenters will share their digital media toolkits and curricula, along with strategies and best practices for engaging communities in creating meaningful media change.

NCMR says “Thanks to Katy Parrish at KACN-TV Uniting Alaska for the footage.”


KACN-TV is committed to broadcasting ALASKA COMMUNITY NEWS as an interesting and informative, daily news and public affairs program throughout Alaska.

Beginning in late October, 2011, KACN-TV’s news program will feature community  information, entertainment, local businesses, sports, education, interviews, stories of community development and entrepreneurship, reports from rural Alaskans, cultural activities, health/wellness, Native art, faith-based and news/weather updates.

ALASKA COMMUNITY NEWS will provide news and public affairs presentations including remotes from business locations, radio stations, newspaper offices, schools, community centers, legislature offices, TV stations, Native and rural sites as well as individual homes.  Local broadcast personalities may host the programs.  These unique presentations are designed to create a solid bond with viewers of all ages and complement other Alaska programs.

An exciting opportunity exists for Alaskan youth and adults to become Alaska “Backpack Journalists,” to serve as community correspondents.  Alaska’s youth and adults from all across the state are producing video segments about their communities and what is important to them.  These programs are sent to social network sites such as YouTube, AOL, Google, Twitter, Vimeo, Yahoo, Blip.TV, AlaskaTube and other storing/distribution sites.  These programs can also be sent to ALASKA COMMUNITY NEWS.  It will be exciting to share a broad spectrum of news and information!

All Alaskans can help ALASKA COMMUNITY NEWS staff provide even greater exposure and distribution of these interesting presentations.  Alaskans are encouraged to provide interesting stories, short and long, to be part of our daily news and public affairs program ALASKA COMMUNITY NEWS with statewide broadcasts.

ALASKA COMMUNITY NEWS is tentatively scheduled to be broadcast at 6:00 PM and rebroadcast at 10:30 PM.  These programs may also be repeated the next day.  (News broadcast times may vary in the future.)

Production staff will work closely with:

  • rural school representatives for both training in video production and the submission of stories for statewide broadcast.
  • rural business representatives regarding their services, their need for instruction, their distribution of information, etc.
  • other written and broadcast media organizations regarding media stories.
  • organizations for both training and/or fundraising.
  • individuals wishing TV services and/or wishing to participate in TV.
  • Alaska businesses who may wish to participate in the programming and/or to participate in the funding of the programming.
  • developing and utilizing a rural advisory board.
  • developing a training program for Alaska Backpack Journalists to serve as community correspondents.
  • collaborate with major businesses such as GCI, and DishNet for distribution.
  • partner with University of Alaska, Alaska Pacific University, and other institutions for internships and volunteers.
  • develop agreements with homeland security and military organizations for news and updates.
  • collaborate with as many Native organizations as possible.

Program composition will include:

The Opening will be similar each day featuring various events and individuals.

The Opening will be approximately 30 seconds in length.

The Closing will include credits as well as scenes similar to the opening.

Each day, one or two longer feature segments will be broadcast.  Each will be between 5 to 10 minutes in length and most will originate from both rural and urban Alaska.

Call-Out News

Approximately once a week or more often, a selected personality will telephone call a pre-scheduled group of youth, a grantee or community personality to talk about an event, a success story or other interesting interviews.  These segments may be from 3 – 7 minutes depending upon the wishes of the interviewer and/or the talent being interviewed.  Instead of the daily feature, this activity may be partnered with a special weather report or other video segment – again a phone call, a computer graphic on-screen and/or a rip and read.…

Alaska’s Learning Network, 2011 – Offers Quality Teachers to Tiny Rural Alaskan Highschools

Approximately 120 high schools in Alaska have fewer than 20 students. For these schools, it is impossible to offer quality education in every subject students need.

Alaska’s Learning Network ( offers online classes for taught by highly qualified, Alaska certified teachers, for students in grades 9-12.

Courses include English, Math, Science, History, Social Sciences, and World Languages.

Registration for fall classes generally begins in August. Go to to enroll.

Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Gold Pan Finalist 2011, Distinguished Community Service

CITC, Gold Pan Finalist 2011, Distinguished Community Service (Large Business/ Organization)

The annual Gold Pan Awards, sponsored by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce are greatly coveted.

KACN Television was proud to help in this process by interviewing each nominee and creating a series of profile videos.

This video features Gloria O’Neil, President & CEO of Cook Inlet Tribal Council ( discussing how CITC embodies community service. It is the common thread in the over 100 programs they run to serve around 14,000 Alaskan Natives and American Indians.

One example she illustrates, is how they host over 500 athletes involved in the statewide Native Youth Olympics in Anchorage each year.

People. Partnership. Potential. That’s what it’s all about!

Boys & Girls Club of Alaska, Gold Pan Finalist 2011, Community Service

Boys & Girls Club of Alaska, Gold Pan Finalist 2011, Community Service

The annual Gold Pan Awards, sponsored by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce are greatly coveted.

KACN Television was proud to help in this process by interviewing each 2011 finalist nominee and creating a series of profile videos.

This piece features Jennifer Brown, Director of Urban Clubhouses, for Boys and Girls Club of Alaska (, discussing the history and growth of the organization.

Their Mission Statement: Empower and inspire the diverse youth of Alaska to realize their full potential by offering them hope, opportunity, and a safe environment.

They work towards this mission by encouraging youth to participate in community service. They also provide after school services include homework assistance, food, art, gym, and outdoor play.

Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, Gold Pan Finalist & Winner 2011, Business Excellence

Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, Gold Pan Finalist & Winner 2011, Business Excellence

The annual Gold Pan Awards, sponsored by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce are greatly coveted.

KACN Television was proud to help in this process by interviewing each nominee and creating a series of profile videos.

This video features James Pepper Henry, Director and CEO of the Anchorage Museum ( discussing completion of recent 80,000 square foot expansion in the museum.

This expansion was seeded by a generous gift of $50 million from Elmer Rasmuson of the Rasmuson Foundation (

Further, this expansion has also added a mini Smithsonian Museum within the Anchorage Museum.

KACN Television Examples of Art & Media in Alaska

We are always looking for interesting videos to share on KACN Television!

Here are three examples of the sort of Alaska made interviews, music, and art we love to show on KACN Television.

The first third of this clip shows a conversational interview with ? & ? (please remind us–the web poster does not know).

The second third shows a clip of Milo Matthews playing an Amazing (!) multilayered bass jam, in a solo gig in Spenard, Anchorage.

And the third portion shows Jan discussing her unique Batique style of art.